Virtual Shelf


KU Campus Store is pleased to announce a new program that is free to all KU students. Each semester, KU Campus Store will automatically generate a custom Virtual Shelf which compiles all the books and course materials you need for the upcoming semester with the lowest priced options available in our store.  
What are the benefits of Virtual Shelf?

With a simple click of the mouse, this new tool will allow you to conveniently locate all of your required course materials and affordable options. Manually searching your course schedule to find your materials will no longer be necessary. Virtual Shelf will do the work for you as your official course materials assistant.

How do my students access Virtual Shelf?
Click >>HERE<< to view your own personal Virtual Shelf.  When you are satisfied with your selection, simply complete the checkout process. You are now one step closer to having a successful semester! 

What if a student drops or adds a class?
Virtual shelf will pull your students class information from MyKU every night and update your Virtual Shelf on KU Campus Store website.

What if Virtual Shelf is missing a textbook for a particular class?
Most likely means that we have not yet received information from professor, or, there is no required textbook for  this class. In these situations, please check back closer to the start of the semester to see if your professor submitted a textbook for that course.

What are the steps to order all my required course materials from Virtual Shelf?

1.     Sign into with your KU email & password

2.     Review your Virtual Shelf

3.     Complete your order & checkout

How will I know when my order is placed and I can pick up my course materials?
We will notify you via email when your order is ready for pick up, or when it is shipped. If you have any questions, please email us at or call us at (610) 683-4099.